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User Reputation Based on QA Activity

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We have an issue with IC and a custom plugin. We’re trying to reach some developers directly, but no luck, so now a post here.


Currently we have a plugin running that combines that standard reputation, with the up and downvotes used by a forum that runs on Q&A. This seemed to work like we wanted, but after some time and missed communication with the developer of the plugin, we noticed that things like “last won day” and leaderboard don’t work anymore, as these things use the normal reputation. 


We wondered if someone could help us combine this old plugin with something new to enable these features again. We understand that this might be a complicated matter and if there is someone interested in developing this with us, we would like to arrange a call to  discuss this issue and show more about how it is working now and how it should work.


We’re happy to work with a developer for the long run and also paying for the work for this plugin issue and further wishes/updates.


Kind Regards,


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