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Display thumbnails in Pages Databases?

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Hello, I really like the Pages Databases and I think they are the solution I'm looking for. I want users to be allowed to post images with text, with lots of custom fields and categories, to showcase their creations.

I want the main listing to just show thumbnails of images, since that is how users like to browse this type of content (the text is not important until you want to learn more about an image / photo). 

I figured out how to display my images in the custom fields as full size images instead of part of the label.

For one image the code is

<img src='{$value|raw}'>

For multiple images upload the code is

{{foreach $value as $myvalue}}
      <img src='{$myvalue}'>

How do I show a thumbnail instead of the full-size image that is outputted from the $value with the custom field code?

I'd like to show a thumbnail in the "listing template" and a full-size image in the "display template". I chose the 250x250 thumbnail option in the custom field options.


And I got it mostly working code-wise on the listing template, it's just a full-size image but I scaled it down with CSS (but will take full-size loading time).


Thank you for any help, have a nice day.


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Hello I learned how to do some cool stuff with Javascript for the submission page, but I sill haven't figured out how to not show full-size images on the listing page. I would appreciate any help / ideas / documentation. Thanks.

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