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PHP Hooks for fields in Pages databases


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I wish there were an interface where we can submit PHP hooks for the databases fields. E. g.

  • onLoad
  • onChange
  • onCreate
  • onDelete
  • onClick
  • and so on...

Example 1: onCreate or onChange

While creating or updating a record with a field of type Address, update another field with list of cities, countries to allow search/filter by location. 

Example 2: onLoad

Get/extract information from another tables, like showing who has added the record to this favorite list.

Example 3: onClick

Record the information, who has clicked the URL field and how often

This would boost the Pages and allow to create many kinds of interesting apps.

Note: And yes, I know that I can create a bunch of hooks where I have to restrict them to database and field. This is not the same. The hooks are separated from the field so that I have to know they are there. I have to track field key values and database IDs to be sure the hooks are executed at the right place. And I have no possibility to change them on-the-fly. 


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