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Paid - Reputation vote

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Hi all,

1 -We used this plugin when we were at IPB 3.x.x

2 - When we upgrade to IPB 4.4.x we used this plugin

The reason, it calculate the thread starter all like vote within his thread. Also the dev said he will add sort by vote in Thread/Topics view, but that never happens.

Since the above dev is very busy, and can not do that, for that I request a paid custom plugin that can do:

A - Same as plugin (2) that calculate the total votes/likes that the starter of the topic had and it display at the topics view, but the vote view has it own column same as plugin (1).

B - Can sort the threads by total votes.

C - Vote badge can have custom color or shape based of the vote numbers it get, like from 1 to 10 yellow, 11 to 20 orange ... etc and can customize option.




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