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Help to Restore 350 records (IP Content) from Backup

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EDIT, Just going to manually recreate these, pulling back the work.



One of my members accidentally deleted a category of records from one of my IP Content Databases. It contained about 350 records.

I have the following cron job running every 6 hours, see below

PM me what it would cost to restore these records. I realize I only backed up the content location, so since the category is gone as well, I can recreate the category and then before the import we can change the category number of these records. I think it should just be....

1) I recreate the category that got deleted

2) You import just the 350 records that were deleted via PHPMyAdmin

3) We change the category ID on those restored records from the deleted number, to the new ID number.


mysqldump --user myusername --password=mypassword mydatabase ibf_cms_custom_database_5 | gzip -9 > /home/site/backupofdb/mags_mysql_bkup_$(date +\%Y-\%m-\%d_\%H-\%M-\%S).gz


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