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how to use Radio Button with "parse => 'mage' " in Widget

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I'm working with Radio Helper with 'parse'=>'image' option in a widget .

look at this please:

$form->add(new \IPS\Helpers\Form\Radio("var_name", isset($widgetConfig['var_name']) ? $widgetConfig['var_name'] : 'val1', FALSE, array(
    'parse' => 'image',
    'options' => [
        'val1' => \IPS\Theme::i()->resource('display/filename.jpg', 'myapp', 'admin'),
		'val2' => \IPS\Theme::i()->resource('display/filename2.jpg', 'myapp', 'admin')
, 'descriptions' => [
        'val1' => 'Description',
		'val2' => 'Description'


in the development mode, the code works and shows images with radio button  but in the production mode doesn't work .

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