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\IPS\Helpers\Form\Upload field returns Error code: -200

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I have a form in the admin side, with an Upload field. I can't debug or pinpoint where the error is. Same issue with attaching an image in an Editor field.

Error: Sorry, an unknown server error occurred when uploading this file. (Error code: -200)

$form = new \IPS\Helpers\Form('form');
$form->add(new \IPS\Helpers\Form\Upload(
	'acp_points_earnpoints__field_photo', // name
	$earnPoint->photo ? \IPS\File::get('dslambassador_earnPoints', $earnPoint->photo) : null, // defaultValue
	false, // required
		'image' => array(
			'maxWidth' => 200,
			'maxHeight' => 200,
		'allowedFileTypes' => array('jpeg', 'jpg', 'png', 'gif'),
		'allowStockPhotos' => true,
		'storageExtension' => 'dslambassador_EarnPoints',
	), // options
	null, // customValidationCode
	null, // prefix
	null, // suffix
	'acp_points_earnpoints__field_photo', // id

if ($values = $form->values()) {
	$earnPoint = new \IPS\dslambassador\Models\EarnPoint;
	$earnPoint->name = $values['acp_points_earnpoints__field_name'];
	$earnPoint->photo = $values['acp_points_earnpoints__field_photo'] ? (string) $values['acp_points_earnpoints__field_photo'] : null;


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Turns out the module controller class doesn't have:

public static $csrfProtected = true;

when created via Developer Center, so I added it.

The file system/Dispatcher/Admin.php checks if the class is csrfProtected, if not then it will do a session check:

/* Unless there is a flag telling us we have specifically added CSRF checks, assume any AdminCP action which contains more than app/module/controller/id (i.e. anything with "do") requires CSRF-protection */
if ( !isset( $this->classname::$csrfProtected ) and array_diff( array_keys( \IPS\Request::i()->url()->queryString ), array( 'app', 'module', 'controller', 'id' ) ) )

Which then causes the Error -200.

For the record, the error that I'm experiencing is from the admin's side. I haven't tried the upload feature from the front side, so I'm not sure if this solution is applicable to other Error -200 issues. Hope this helps if others are experiencing it.

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