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Padding and Borders

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Well, I've been racking my brain for four days trying to figure out how to change the border color from gray to white in the graphic attached.  (Red arrow)

Or, how to indent the content so it doesn't butt right up to the border line (Green arrow).

I've been all over the css files and even the html files but can't seem to find them. 

BTW: the same thing of padding is occurring in the "Add Announcement" fill in Box...attachment enclosed.  I even deleted the content of the core.css, messages.css, and data-list.css and then reverted back.  Neither delete showed they touched the Add Announcement box.



  None of this is a priority or very important.  I can see by other posts that you are all busy with issues after 4.5.2.  But if you have a moment and want to go code searching I would appreciate it.  
















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