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A Little Post Help

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First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to read the ramblings of an old man just trying to learn.

When a topic is created in the forum application there is a check box that floats above all the posts; as shown below in Example 001

[Example 001]


I tried to figure out the code here to

  • remove the white box bordering that check box
  • place that checkbox in the first post
  • but only have it affect the forum threads and nowhere else on the community

As to tidy it up so it looks more like [Example 002] (Image 002 is of the first post in the thread when created, the other posts have the box already within them)


I am not entirely sure why IPS creates it the way they do, it just seems to me this would be cleaner.

If anyone is willing to help me code it right, I would be forever grateful. I don't feel comfortable attempting it on my own without guidance.


Thank you again for your support and helping me figure this out.

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Not sure if you can move the bulk action box into the posts?  There should already be a box in each post for moderation actions.  Pagination will fill the white space on the left...I'm not good with code though, so someone with more knowledge than I will have to chime in.

ScreenHunter_822 Sep. 18 17.13.jpg

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