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"Mark this topic read" - Popup box when hovering - Question


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I received a comment from a member of my forum regarding a change to 4.5 I don't think they like as much as how it worked on the 4.4 version of the forum.



When I open a sub-board and hover the mouse over a topic, a little window opens and I can choose to read the first or last comment in that topic. When I click the "mark this topic read" option, the topic is marked as read and the topic automatically opens on its last page. Before the recent update, the topic was then marked as read but the topic did not open, allowing me to stay on the sub-board's index site. Is that intentional or do I have to adjust some setting? I hope I was able to explain what I mean :) 

Is it possible to JUST mark the topic read from the popup window (box) without it going to the last post of the thread?

Thanks in advance for any help with this.

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