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Using Facebook Login

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I've tried to setup Facebook login for my IPS forum and honestly, I don't really know what to say other than imagine my shock, Facebook have made things incredibly complicated yet again for no apparent reason. All of the IPS end is configured correctly.

I haven't really got a clue what I'm doing with the Facebook developer app end, what I'm really looking for and how to get this thing approved. I've followed the IPS tutorial guide and ALL I want is to have the login. No status updates, publishing posts or anything else. Literally just the login.

I've tested this on my own account, and it appears to be working. But I don't know whether it works on any other account yet because I read somewhere that it will only work on your own account until approved.

Does it work without approval if you just use the login??? I've tried searching for the "additional permissions" or whatever they are called, to try and submit an app review, but I don't want any of the additional permissions which are listed, and it won't let me go to app review unless I select additional permissions.

I've also noticed that I need to verify my business or individual account before I get certain things. But again this is ambiguous as well and I'm still not really sure whether what it's telling me I need, is what I actually need. Will the simple login integration work without verifying either a business (which is impossible because it's just a simple community website that has no legal basis) or individual account?

Any help is appreciated ....

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