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Any chance we can get some improvements to this? WIth how things currently are, it just feels like this was an idea that was done to MVP and just left, goals are beyond useless as if you're wanting deactivate a goal, or do something like a monthly goal there is absolutely no way to retain that donation goal. You either delete it, or reset it back to 0 manually. Can we get an option to either manually deactivate it, or be able to set a date for it to close which prevents contributions to it & hides it from the goal widget?

And why is it for pretty much every other feature of Commerce you can select which payment methods you want to allow, except for donations? I have a credit system that they're able to buy some items off the store, which works great as you can choose which methods are usable for both products & subscriptions. But unable to do that for donations (or gift cards)? So you're left with having to either disable methods entirely or spend time removing donations made using those methods. Can this be a setting somewhere?


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