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A couple of things. I am using custom made images for a advertisement. I created an image for Desktop and one for Mobile. I set them for each. I must say, being able to apply different size images for different device screen sizes is very nice, and it works perfectly. I grabbed the corner of my desktop window and started scaling it down, and the image changes to the mobile version just as it should. Thumbs up for this!


Now my issue. First, on the Advertisements page in the section 'Shows to', I wanted to first test it out and make sure it worked and looked properly, so I set it to just show to Administrator, which I am. But on the front end, the image never showed. When I changed the 'Shows to' option to 'Everyone', the image then showed up. Any ideas on what setting I am missing, or why it did not show when set to Administrator?

UPDATE:I figured out why the Advertisement was not showing to me when I set it to just show to Administrator. My profile is set to Administrator for Primary Group, and for Secondary Group I was also in the Moderator and Member groups. Once I took myself out of the Secondary Groups, and tried to show the Advertisement just to Administrator again, it worked, I was able to see it. So consider the first issue resolved.


Need Help With The Following

2nd, When I set the image to show 'Just below the page header', it actually showed in the exact spot I wanted it to. The thing is, I only want it to show on my forums homepage. Not sure if that is the proper word to use, "homepage", or would it be "index", I'm not sure. But I only want the image to show in the main page of the forum, not on every page. The main reason for this is because I designed the image as the same width of the boxes below it, so it fits perfectly when on the home page, once you visit a different page then the image shows by itself, there are no sidebar widgets, so it doesn't fit the whole width of the area. 

3rd, I did try the 'Define your own locations' setting, but I do not know which template file I need to edit for it to show ONLY on my forums main page, just below the page header.

I would greatly appreciate any help with this, Thank you!

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