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Exclude author in topic block

Jordan Miller

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Hello. I'm wondering...

1.) Is it possible to exclude a particular author from a Topic Feed block? There's only filters for including authors.

I ask because I would like to show 20 threads created by me first, then 20 threads created by only members afterward. Otherwise, there may be duplicates from me in both blocks.

2.) Is it possible to show particular Topic Feeds in different forums? If I include a block at the top of all forums with topics from the Music News Forum, it also shows those topics inside the Music News Forum as well. There are duplicates. 

I would like to show Britney Spears topics in the Music News Forums, and Music News in the Britney Spears Forum.

Any ideas? 



I also have the Supergrid blocks application. 

Any help would be awesome! Thanks.

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