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I would like to create gallery(I don't know if this is correct name) that let members upload imaged, then with 2 purposes. 

1. Sharing pictures with the community or friends. 

2. At the sametime make it available for sell if someone (or company) want to buy the image for marketing use. 

Thanks for any suggestions. 

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Scene of use, example :

A member has a picture shared in the community, the image is so beautiful and received many comments and likes. This match the "sharing with the community" purpose. 

A company want to use this picture as a marketing element, so the company need purchase this picture use copyright. 

This picture should be contained a botton that let the purchase by others. 

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After a purchase, should be generated a copyright invoice for the buyer. 

I would like to set 2 prices, example:

5.00 dollares. The image can be used but in the corner need visible the note "Copyright of xxxyyy.com, 25736(the number of invoice or item)"

10.00 dollares free to use. Without restriction. Except can used by the buyer. 

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