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In my previous site with a different software I had an addon developed about 8 years ago which was an Aviation News Reader.

Using the rss feed from News sites I used the rss importer to create threads in an Aviation News forum. When each one was created it used the template:

[parsehtml]<hr /><iframe style="margin-right: -10px; border: 0px;" id="view" name="view" src="{link}" width="100%" height="3000px" scrolling="no" frameborder="1">
Feed from Recreational Flying
</iframe><hr />[/parsehtml][url="{link}"]Continue reading...[/url]

This used the feed content, which is a small snippet at the top of the post and then it created an iframe with the web address of the news item in the iframe. This was great as it showed the user the entire news item page without leaving my site. Furthermore I could set the prefix for each thread to the name of the feed site like "Google" or "ABC News" etc. The prefix was valuable as it was used in another page which was a News Reader. The News Reader showed the thread topics in a list and under the list was an iframe so when the user clicked the thread title, the iframe showed the news item page. A user can filter the list of thread titles to the name of the feed (i.e. the prefix).

The only issue that started to happen in recent years is that some of the News sources stopped their pages being viewed off their own site.

This is a screen shot of the News Reader...note the Prefix's in the sub menu where a user could click to filter the list. A user clicks a thread title in the list of News Items and the external news page would show in the iframe below. The News List is also paginated:


This is a screen shot of the forum that contained all the news threads from the rss news feeds:


This is a screen shot of the opening post in a news item thread that is created from the rss news feeds...note the short snippet content that comes with the rss feed at the top and then the iframe showing the whole page from the rss feed site:


Anyway, that is what I had which would be good to replicate but with that aside I need to be able to do something for an Aviation News section and I am open to ideas on how to create a great Aviation News section for my site?

Any suggestions...thanks

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