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I have been trying to embed a youtube video into a post but it does not work as expected.

I start a new topic, type a title in for it, paste the youtube URL in and press enter - the video shows in the edit panel (I can play it if I want) and below the edit panel I get a message saying 


Your link has been automatically embedded. Display as a link instead

If I click the source button on the toolbar I can see the iframe code as expected.

However, when I press the submit topic button the topic title is now blank but the video still shows in the edit panel
And at the bottom of the edit panel, I get this message


Your previous content has been restored. Clear editor

It will not post as the topic title gets erased every time.

If I choose the option to Display as a link instead - it saves fine and works as expected (but obviously no embed happens).


Alternatively, if I edit an existing post and add a youtube URL to it, then press the edit topic button it reverts back to the initial version before any editing occurred.


The Automatically embed links option is set to on in the AdminCP

I have tried Vimeo and Twitter and the same thing happens - the title is erased and so it can't save.


Any idea why an embed is not working - Thanks



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Sounds like you have a legitimate issue you did your best to troubleshoot - time to enter a ticket in the Clients Area for IPS to look into further. They're really good about helping you in a timely manner on most items.

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