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 getConfiguration() has a null $member object in the acp notification listings. is that the only place it would be null, thus I can have it skip checks if it's null?

Otherwise it's a mess because if you have a condition around whether or not a notification shows, it can't fail in the acp or else it automatically disables te choices for that key on the front end!

I am almost positive I have seen conditions for notifications in first party apps. I don't see how those would work because it could then fail outside of the front end form and disable it.

Bottom line... I had a notification show only to member id 1. Since $member is null in the acp, it did NOT show on the acp form. So then even though it DID show on the front end member form, it would not allow any choices be made. I had to take the condition out totally for it to work.

I don't understand why it even has this setup... if $member is null when not using the member form, then that means ALL conditions related to a member's permissions would fail outside of the member form on the front end and thus they can't be used.

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