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The top downloads widget SUCKS!!!!


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There I said it! I’ve disliked this widget for a long time.

Before a bunch of folks pile on with “well that’s just your opinion”, yeah I get that but let me explain my opinion 

It doesn’t have a DISTINCT in the count query. Meaning instead of counting 1 download per person it actually encourages folks to cheat and download there stuff multiple times to get into the top list. 

“But can’t you just moderate for that?” It takes tons of work to check everything all the time. Better question is why would anybody actually want the widget to work as it does right now???? It doesn’t make any sense 

Encouraging folks to download their own file a bunch of times is senseless 

ps truthfully the top submitters widget is just as senseless. Nobody understands it and you can have low ranked authors winning https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/448590-help-me-to-understand-top-submitters-lists/?tab=comments#comment-2762514

These widgets would be super handy if they actually worked in a way that made sense. Very critical tools for sales. 

It would be such a blessing if somebody would improve these!!!!! 




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