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(MIX) Shared Link's [support topic]


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53 minutes ago, BakuEdi said:

But when you click on icon it doesn't open the Whatsapp application on the phone

Я так понимаю, можно и по русски?

Проверил на сайте по вашей ссылке, все превосходно открывается. Я так думаю ваша проблема связана с настройками самого телефона, либо браузера. Некорректно обрабатывается ссылка whatsapp://

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7 hours ago, Sonya* said:

@MIXOH, @BakuEdi even if you both speak Russian (I do as well), it is better to write in English here. This is a support topic for all users, isn't it? If a customer has the same issue but does not understand Russian, then he will not able to understand what is written here and thus will not get the solution for the issue. :rolleyes: 

@Sonya*, you are absolutely right ))) apologies for inconvenience )))

1 hour ago, MIXOH said:

@Sonya* Ok. 

Checked on the site for your link, everything opens perfectly. I think your problem is with the settings of the phone itself, or the browser. Incorrectly processed whatsapp: // link, there is no way to check on iOS, but the application has nothing to do with it

I am conducting the survey among the users



Some cannot open the link via Chrome on their iPhones

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