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Moderated Notification Delay & Automatic Dismissal.

Ocean West

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  • user makes a post that requires moderation 
  • system notifies moderators who are online an receive notifictions
  • system will delay # minutes
    • a moderator is online and approves or addresses request
    • notifications sent to other moderators are dismissed - with who took care of the action
    • all pending emails regarding the notification are suspended
  • if no moderators take action then the emails are released.
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I would love to have the system delay sending notices but in cases when no moderators are on duty: 

Content needs moderation - email is sent out with a 'specific' url if you are the first moderator to respond via the Email Link you are taken to the actual content to be approved / disapproved. 

Any other moderator who received the notification and clicks the link will be taken to an interstitial page showing the action was already taken and by whom and when, and if content was approved an option to view content or go to the forums index.


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