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Blog headers could need some little improvements


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Here are a few issues with Blog headers in their current state (default theme, default installation of IPS 4.3.6). I'd love to see some improvements in a future update.


1. When viewing a blog's homepage, the huge black bar at the bottom could need some transparency. Maybe an opacity of 25 % or 35 %. Or a color gradient from transparent to full black. Or no color background at all. Right now roughly 25-30 % of that area is covered by the color black, which is not very aesthetic. And this will be even worse, which I will illustrate below (see 3. and 4.).

2. I have no idea why there is a small gap when a custom sidebar is activated, but it would definetly look better if this was not there.


3. In group blogs, once the first contributor has added an article, the black bar gets even bigger. Now it covers 50 % of that area. Same suggestion like 1.: transparency or color gradient or no background at all.


4. This is the worst part: If you open an article that has a cover image, the blog header turns into 100 % black. Same suggestion like 1.: transparency or color gradient or no background at all.

This is probably an issue in other areas, too, such as clubs or in the gallery or even in the user profiles where the black bar does not look very good either. Wherever it is being used: Please, IPS devs, consider some nice adjustements. 🙂 And yes, I know I can change this myself in the theme options via custom CSS. However I think this should be changed in the default themen in a default installation, hence this suggestion.

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