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Good rates: Video upload enhancements > FFMpeg


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I am looking for a top quality dev to add FFMpeg video conversion capability to my forum. The app/plugin needs to mimic the excellent native FFMpeg support in Xenforo, seen here in their gallery add-on:




The application/plugin needs to, as a minimum.

1/ Add FFMpeg libraries to standalone server.

2/ Create ACP config section similar to above, including ability to specify quality and local and remote output paths, including credentials.

3/ Configure user groups, content types (Gallery, forums, blogs, articles, clubs etc) which trigger #4. 

4/ On the front end, observing #3, intercept video (audio? see #6) file uploads and convert them on server to a generic video format, quality, compression ratio etc. 

edit: 4a, inform user on successful video upload (post save?) that video is being converted and they will be notified when ready (see #8)

5/ Update original post with new path/filename once video is converted.

6/ I may decide to incorporate audio to MP3 conversion - depending on costs.

7/ Above must support multiple simultaneous uploads, with a queuing facilty once threshold is surpassed.

8/ Notification to OP on success/failure.

Good rates for dev with proven IPS and FFMpeg/video manipulation experience.

UAT: 21 days

Final delivery: 30 days

PM if interested.

Many thanks



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