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Profile and Unread Stream - How to edit template?


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I have edited the userPhoto template to show group image instead of avatar for members of some groups. However I notice in the activity stream on the profile, and on the unread content stream, it still uses the default avatar. I was trying to find how to edit these and I don't know what to do. 

For the profile it seems it is at
Templates > core > front > profile > profileActivity

and the unread content stream
Templates > core > front > streams > streamItems

However I see the data is being pulled like so:

	{{if $statusForm or count( $latestActivity )}}
		<ol class='ipsStream ipsList_reset' data-role='activityStream' id='elProfileActivityOverview'>
			{{foreach $latestActivity as $activity}}



			{$result->html( $view, $sort != 'date', TRUE )|raw}


Where and how can I edit this content?



I found where to edit the userPhoto that gets called in these locations, it was in the Templates > core > front > global > userPhotoFromData

The rest I think I can just manage with css.

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