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Seeking a Forum Audit and New Strategy

Robert Lunte

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This is my forum. www.TheModernVocalistWorld.com

It has been a community that is about 10 years old.

It probably is the world's most popular open forum for singers, or at least at one time, was.

I don't know of any other forums that compete with it.

We had a really strong run for about 6-7 years, the a few things happened.

  • Migration to FB groups and distractions from newGen social media. Suspect...
  • The community never had a full blown, social media manager that could keep the buzz and fun going, other then myself, who...
  • After about 7 years of this, just got tired of all the work it required to post, maintain, etc... At some point all my efforts to try to monetize the forum fell flat. I just felt like it was sucking up too much time and for little to no return. About two years ago I started to just let go... and it was no surprise that the community, which was already slowing down, went to a crawl. I was ok to walk away. I gave it everything and if it can't make money, it have no more time for it.

Then I got involved in some new digital marketing strategies with new partners. Instead of trying to convert to sales, we are focusing on converting to get emails via sumo pop-ups. And we are preparing some click funnels www.clickfunnels.com. I purchased an account at www.luckyorange.com which shows traffic and was surprised to see that my forum is still drawing about 850 visits a day or approximately 13, 500 hits a month! Even when it was almost abandoned, it still is driving traffic. So obviously we need to find a way to get this forum focused on getting us sign-ups. ... I can't walk away from it because it has great potential, but I realize it needs a major audit and a whole new strategy.

We are looking for someone with good ideas and experience that can help us get this forum optimized to achieve our new objective to get a community buzzin again and capture more emails for building lists. It needs an audit and a new strategy with new messaging, a new purpose., etc...

Can someone help?

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