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Progressive jpgs


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I did some research on ImageMagick, since that is what I have my IPS configuration use for it's imaging processing, and it seems that this command in Image Magick will take a jpg image and convert it to a progressive image:

convert -strip -interlace Plane -quality 80 input-file.jpg output-file.jpg

I guess if we can incorporate this code into IPS's ImageMagick function, we can create thumbnails as progressive images!

Anyone has any idea how to get this done?

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I've installed nginx_pagespeed and both pagespeed insights and gtmetrix scores are awesome. It takes some trial an error though. I strongly suggest to install Lighthouse extension on google chrome, this tool will help you a lot to improve performance. 

With nginx_pagespeed you can also use the webp file format, which is lightweight and very fast. There's a lot of "filters" to use.

If you have access to your server configuration it's not difficult.


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