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Easiest way to delete (but ideally export first) bulk topics


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Hi all

I'm doing some housekeeping in different areas of one of my forums, and there is one section which has a lot of really old topics causing clutter, which I'd like to remove from the forum.
I can't find a way that I can either easily export these or delete them, but I'm probably being a bit stupid as I'm sure there must be a means of doing this sort of tidying easily?

Basically I would like to be able to delete (but ideally export first,  -  it's not too important to export as I can always restore info from backups if I absolutely have to) based on a rule like this:

  • Delete all topics in SubForum X where last post was more than 1 year ago

Is there a function that allows this?
I'm aware of archive, but I'd like to actively remove many many topics from the site based on specific criteria like the age, and the area posted in etc.

I am wondering if there is not a way to directly do this using inbuilt functionality within Invision (I'm on V3 still, but not for long at all!), I would be able to do this in PHPMyAdmin, but I'm not sure what tables I would need to join in order to identify topics suitable for deletion based on last post date and the particular subforum they're in?

I'd be really grateful indeed if anyone can assist with this question thanks.
I'm going to be carrying out upgrades and changes/additions to the site over the next couple of days, so I would really love to be able to do this at the same time and clean up/housekeep the content that has become very superfluous clutter over the years.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help with my question. ?

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Since no one answered you, I'll try to help.

I don't think there are core features in 4.3 that do what you want, but I think there's an extension that might be able to do what you need:

Note that there is a paid version, but you might want to try this on 4.x when you upgrade before paying for it.

It seems to allow all sorts of If... Then... statements and actions. You'd just need to decide what you wanted to do with the old content. You could delete it or just move it to a forum that only you have access to in case you ever want to refer to the content in a semi-live setting.


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