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Where do i put my Google AdWords conversion code?

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So, i want to add an AdWords campaign in order to try and kick-off a rather ambitious project i have (not sure whether i can actually link my installation on these forums, so i'm not going to).

Thing is, to me page impressions - as of right now - are pretty useless. I am the sole member of my community and what i really need is people to sign up - and hopefully down the line become content creators.

So, to track the effect of my campaign, i want to track the amount of people who actually successfully sign up on my site. AdWords provide a "conversion code"-snippet, which i am asked to add somewhere on the page displayed after a successful conversion. I see two options here:

  1. Add the code to the "Please confirm your email"-page (in my case: https://mysiteurl.com/register/?do=validating)
  2. Add the code to the "E-mail confirmed"-page (which i don't know even exists.

Now, option 1 would be "okay", but only just that as counting the loading of that page as a conversion would only be halfway true (people still need to confirm their email and alot of people might not). 

Option 2 would be preferable since this would be an actual confirmed signup on my site.

I figure i have to add my AdWords code-snippet through my child-theme HTML/CSS editor, but i just cannot find any template-file that makes any sense to me. 

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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