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Market Place API suggestion

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with the lovely GDRP(sp?) going into effect at the end of the month, and the MP API no longer will be sending push notifications with any identifiable info other than the user ID/username.

now i have my babble chat application, it is a SAAS, its annoying to sale on the market here, cause 1 i don't have many "purchase options" and 2, i have to manually generate the license. this could have a delay of a few minutes to a few days (depends if it is a weekend, my schedule, etc).

I had been planning on using the purchase api to handle this programmatically for me, but around the same time talk of how sacred an email address had become in 2017 and that the EU was moving to make it a crime to share it, and the changing attitude here at IPS about if a users buys from the market, are they IPS customers or ours, but whatever, that is a different discussion.

so with these changing laws and attitudes, it leaves me (i think i'm the only one who currently offers a SAAS) sorta out in the cold. now they purchase directly from my site, this is all handled automagically, very little involvement from me and people are able to get going a lot sooner. however i would like to add this option to marketplace purchase and racking my brain how to achieve this, its simply wont be possibly with the current marketplace API.

So i suggest that you add into the marketplace api, "return" option. the API already checks to see if it outputs OKAY, why not have it accept a json object back, and have it capable of sending a PM to the purchaser after it sends out the push. now you don't have to enable this for every tom dick and harry on the market, only for people who have a valid reason to be contacting the purchaser after a purchase (and only have it on new purchases, not on renewals or expiration pushes).

I think this would add to the appeal of the MP for future SAAS projects (i don't have any planned atm, but a few ideas have recently come across my desk so to speak).

The only other idea i can think of, is the market gets its own API for license keys and identifiers that we can incorporate into our apps, but i'm not sure if that would be ideal for either of us tbh.

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