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messages & submit reply do not update/refresh


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Hello All,

After recently upgrading to 4.2.7, we are experiencing issues with posts and messages.

1) When a user types up a response in a forum and clicks "submit reply", it does reply, but the submit reply dialogue window stays open with the text that the user typed.  They think that the reply wasn't uploaded, so they click "submit reply" again.  We are seeing a lot of double posts because of this.  We see this on all of our skins.

2) When a user types a private message to a user, we see the same issue as number 1 above.  The user clicks send, and the message does not show that it was sent...it was, but it stays in that state, and more double messages occur because users are clicking send multiple times.

Has anyone seen this and is there a fix?

Thank you.

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