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  1. Just closing the loop here. After our server admin adjusted the permissions on that one folder, I was able to upload. Thank you Rhett for the quick response. Much appreciated. I was able to complete the upgrade.
  2. Thank you for your response. I may see the issue. The update contains 3 folders. 2 of the folders I am able to update. The 3rd folder "applications" is owned by another user. I am checking with the server admin to see how to proceed. Thank you for the assistance.
  3. Hello, I am attempting to upgrade from 4.3.5 to 4.3.6. I do not have FTP/SFTP open on our server, so I need to perform this update manually. I have downloaded the .zip file of the new update, uncompressed it, and attempted to upload it to our site. Everything is uploaded and in the correct directories. When running the upgrade, I am receiving the following error: Some source files are not correct for the latest version. If you uploaded the files to your server manually, the process may have failed or not completed yet, or a new version may have been released since you downloaded. Download latest version from your client area and upload the files again in order to continue. If you are sure the files have been uploaded correctly, make sure the permissions are set correctly on them. I uploaded my files from a Mac using FileZilla (SFTP). Do I need to adjust any of the file permissions? All of the files are there, it seems the the forum software cannot see it or do what it needs to do to perform the upgrade. Any tips are appreciated 🙂
  4. This may have been due to a malfunctioning Tapatalk plugin/app. Once it was disabled, we seem to be able to click "submit reply" once and the forum post or message posts successfully.
  5. Hello All, After recently upgrading to 4.2.7, we are experiencing issues with posts and messages. 1) When a user types up a response in a forum and clicks "submit reply", it does reply, but the submit reply dialogue window stays open with the text that the user typed. They think that the reply wasn't uploaded, so they click "submit reply" again. We are seeing a lot of double posts because of this. We see this on all of our skins. 2) When a user types a private message to a user, we see the same issue as number 1 above. The user clicks send, and the message does not show that it was sent...it was, but it stays in that state, and more double messages occur because users are clicking send multiple times. Has anyone seen this and is there a fix? Thank you.
  6. Agreed. It's more unfair to ask a skilled coder who could be making serious day job money with his spare time (presuming he/she is single and has lots of spare time) to give away everything they do for free. How much time is he saving you by creating this mod, and how much is your time worth? Coughing up a few George's to save you hours of time that could otherwise be spent actually having fun doing something else is a small price to pay. Unless of course, your time isn't worth much.
  7. Actually I like being able to see the PM's - if fact that is my #1 scenario to use this hook. Occassionally we're asked to resolve a dispute and being able to check people's PM's allows us to investigate claims. I reserve the hook only for root admins, so it's not like it gets abused.
  8. You are awesome!! Now, why didn't I think to search in Hanzi instead of English :o
  9. Yeah - to be honest I take it on the chin that I didn't even ask & shop around before creating the account, but it seems at least for the other installations I worked on - that were in place when I got there - that 32MB is pretty common for cheap hosting packages (e.g. $5/month or less).
  10. Roger that. GoDaddy defaults at 32MB and you have to pay $$ for a dedicated server if you want more. Not sure how big the forum can really get when we're limited that small.
  11. I did but they are all for older versions of the forums. How long did it take to make yours? I'm wondering if I do an export and have her do the translation, about how long it would take.
  12. +1. I have some mainland folks who would prefer simplified on their forums. Not trying to diminish the work that must have gone in to doing *any* translation, btw...
  13. I found a Traditional Chinese version for 3.1.x, but not Simplified. Does anyone know of such a thing?
  14. +1. Thanks for making this skin - it's wonderful :thumbsup:
  15. FWIW, I installed this and it's working like a champ. Ideally I wouldn't have to log out before trying to spoof another person, but a small quibble. I like that the person I'm spoofing doesn't show up as logged in, which was a failing of previous products for v2 of the boards. And no, we don't use this casually, but when there is some serious mis-behavior it's a relief to be able to confirm/deny an allegation by checking someone's PM box.
  16. Is there any way to get the behavior we had in the past, e.g. via /index.php?act=Search&CODE=getnew It would show all the most recent posts regardless of whether you read them or not, regardless of your last visit. Admins on my boards use those a ton.
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