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Can anyone give an overview of how the EasyPost integration works? Basic workflow? 

I created an easypost account and added a payment method in case it was required. I entered my test key in the IPS ACP.  I selected easypost as a shipping method for a test product that sells for $0. I get some USPS shipping options/costs showing when I look at the shipping tab for a product or reach checkout. But then what? After sale the Shipping tab for the order looks like every other shipping item. Packing sheet, address label, view invoice. Nothing appears anywhere that I can find on the easypost dashboard. 

On a daily basis, for an item sold via Commerce, what basic steps do you take to complete the shipping process? Where and when in the process are the labels/postage printed, paid for, etc. 

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My error was thinking that the Print Label button would print the easypost address/postage label. It does not. 

However clicking the faint check-mark Ship button at the top of the shipment page does bring up an easypost page where the dimensions, weight, and shipping option can be specified. Once I click Ship on that screen the postage is purchased, a label is generated as a PNG (and saved with the Commerce shipment record), and the customer is notified.  So far, so good.

Now if I could only figure out how to get easypost to quote USPS letter or "flat" rates in the store item Shipping Information. 

I set an item up to allow user to select easypost shipping. The item we ship most fits easily into a small padded envelope that I always ship using USPS "flat" which is purely weight based and costs me $1.21(I have been using DymoStamps.app to print postage).

If I manually force easypost to use the "flat" rate during the shipment process it will charge me exactly the same as expected. But Commerce store item display NEVER shows that rate as available to the customer. 

If I DON'T include dimensions (specify weight only, which should be enough for letter/flat rate) in the store item setup, the store item Shipping Information will not show any shipping rates to the user. It will also throw a "no shipping methods selected" error to the user if they try to buy.

If I DO include dimensions in the store item, only package rates are shown to the user (and the cheapest is more than double the actual rate). Letter/Flat rate is not shown.


Is it possible to control or affect which rates are shown to the user when using easypost as a shipping method for a store item?

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