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Improve TAGs


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Hi all !

For the last 3 months I have been involved in a project with an intense use of tags. Probably tags are not used intensively in most Communities, but I'd like to suggest a few ideas that maybe might be worth considering. Personally, I'd like more options in the adminCP with tags.

For example, the ability to decide how many tags appear in the topic grid list , :unsure:  None, 1, 2, 3 ... all of them ? 
Possibility to assign a small picture to the tag or a fav-icon, so the words are replaced by small icons.  ( example .. like this: )



I would also like to give the option in the topic for the tags to:

  • no tag is shown in the topic
  • Decide how many are shown in the topic (including an option ot make them all visible with one click, or hide them)
  • Show them all directly

Last, but not the least:  The possibility to have all the tags at the bottom of the topic instead of the title when reading a topic. 


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