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Directories not writable IIS application pool

Anh Le

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Hi all,

I'm setting up a new IPS forum on IIS 8.5, PHP 7.0.x and MySQL 5.7. As a few other topics in the forum recommended, I create a local user and use it for the application pool identity.

  1. Create local user ips_forum
  2. Change forum IIS application pool to use ips_forum user
  3. Grant read permission on root web folder
  4. Grant Full Control NTFS permission on /applications, /datastore, /plugins, and /uploads
  5. Restart IIS to make sure the changes take effect

When I run System Check in AdminCP, the File System Requirements complain that all the directories above in step 4 need to be writable. However, as I test uploading files to Downloads and attaching files to a post, everything just works fine. I wonder if it is safe to ignore the System Check result for file permissions or there is anything ese I need to configure in IIS.


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