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Custom product carousels?


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Hi, I was just looking at the featured, newest, and popular product carousels on the front page. I looked through the theme html files, and I see where the carousels are made. I was wondering... is it possible to make a carousel for a specific product category? That would be infinitely useful.

<section class='ipsSpacer_top'>
{{if count( \IPS\nexus\Package\Item::featured() )}}
	<div class='ipsBox'>
		<h2 class='ipsType_sectionTitle'>{lang="featured_products"}</h2>
		<div class='ipsPad'>
			<div class='ipsCarousel ipsClearfix' data-ipsCarousel data-ipsCarousel-showDots>
				<ul class='cNexusCarousel cNexusCategory_grid ipsClearfix' data-role="carouselItems">
					{{foreach \IPS\nexus\Package\Item::featured() as $package}}
						{template="packageBlock" group="store" params="$package, TRUE, TRUE"}
				<span class='ipsCarousel_shadow ipsCarousel_shadowLeft'></span>
				<span class='ipsCarousel_shadow ipsCarousel_shadowRight'></span>
				<a href='#' class='ipsCarousel_nav ipsHide' data-action='prev'><i class='fa fa-chevron-left'></i></a>
				<a href='#' class='ipsCarousel_nav ipsHide' data-action='next'><i class='fa fa-chevron-right'></i></a>

If there is some kindof call for product categories, like a "{{if count( \IPS\nexus\Package\Item::category1() )}}" or something... that would be pretty infinitely useful. I'm actually surprised something like this doesn't already exist within the adminCP.

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