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IPB 3.4 - External CSS


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I switched my communities to HTTPS some weeks ago.

They are as of now using IPS 3.4 (Switch to 4.1 planned in the near future)

No I'm realizing that since then (I assume) the CSS files are all integrated into the header but not linked

I'm feeling a little bit dumb:

Where do I switch that CSS files are delivered as extra files?

Not sure if this is related to this issue:
I'm using MaxCDN, which works great for IMG and JS

CDN-URL for CSS is entered too but doesn't work

Any suggestions?


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I'm not talking about hand-crafted extra CSS files but IPBoards core stylesheets like

  • ipcontent.css
  • ipb_common.css
  • ipb_skingen.css
  • ipb_styles.css

I all had them integrated like this

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="[mydomain]/public/style_css/css_4/ipcontent.css?ipbv=7da6e606f9c89a6b5e1d0ae376fd0c84"/>

Now it's like

<style type="text/css" >
	/* Inline CSS */
/* CSS: ipcontent*/
   /* Hundreds of lines of CSS written into every page */


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Found this but I see no option to include or not to include the CSS content.

I'm using the CSS URL for my CDN which should serve my CSS files (like it does perfectly for Javascript and images).

But no success - everything included in the head...


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