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TV Listing App Similar to Anichart.net Site


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I've been trying to find something similar I could use to post TV shows/Movies/On DVD releases on my IPB site that works exactly or something similar to the website "AniChart.net". This basically allows users to post upcoming shows which creates a page dedicated to the listing which you could then post a description, images, videos, & other material pertaining to the listing. If there isn't any kind of app like this, could someone who could create such a thing give me an estimate as to how much it would cost to create a app for IPB that works like this?


AniChart Website: http://anichart.net

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I currently have the Pages app but it doesn't do what it is that I'm asking about. If I was to do this through pages, only those with admin controls would be able to do add new entries and you would have to create each page for each entry from scratch. The whole process at Anichart is automated as it will create the page for each listing after a community member adds all the needed information.

I may need to post screenshots to give a few examples.

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