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Block with latest forum topics first post ( PAID )


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this should be pretty easy for anyone with experience with IPB dev.
here is what I need, if you need precisions just ask so we are sure to be on the same track.

The goal is to have a list of latest forum posts content without answers. Details:

  • I need a custom block code that I can just past into a custom block and integrate with the builder on a page.
  • Will be displayed on an IPB page. NOT in sidebar but in 'content' area. If this is not clear ask.
  • Could be pure php or html
  • It needs to list latest forum topics. But only the first post, NO answers.
    • First post content. Including potential attached images. The content I need is what you see in a forum post view (without left sidebar member info).
    • Post author
    • Post date
    • Post title
    • Link to post
    • Optional: link to first unread answer in thread
  • SETTINGS (you can just embed the settings in the query, i'm not asking anything fancy here)
    • Display 10
    • Posts must be featured
    • Posts must be visible
    • Sort order: post creation time, descending

You can show a demo or send me the code to test.

I pay with paypal $25. Contact me privately.


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