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Install & Licence Problems (Resolved)

Bill Edwards

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Dear All

I have two licensed copies of the software. One is in cloud and one is a standalone version, which, although licensed, I haven't used for some time.

On Friday, I reset the URL for the standalone version, downloaded and unpacked the beta version of the software, uploaded it and ran the install. The server checks are successful, but when I click continue to go to the next step (license check) I get an error:-

This page isn’t working

www.atfotf-forum.co.uk is currently unable to handle this request.



Now today, my CiC Version is showing a message at the top of the forum:-

There is a problem with your license key. Please check your license key. This message only shows to administrators

I've submitted support tickets, but it's the weekend. Anyone have any suggestions for me please?

Many thanks



Now both resolved by Tech Support


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