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Public Club Functionality


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Yes more clubs stuff.

Public Clubs are unjoinable since anyone can contribute to it however there are a few flaws with this.

  1. Only site staff and the creator can manage the content in such a club.
    You cannot assign moderators to public clubs which I believe is more important than having moderators for any other club type.
  2. You cannot follow the club.
    With the other clubs, when you join it you can see the content posted in it in your personal club feed or around the site where the clubs widget is. However since you can't join it this functionality is not possible for any club that is set public that you would like to be updated about.
  3. Can't show your club support.
    By being a member of a club you are showing you support it and you want to contribute. Similar to going to a club meeting IRL. You don't have to necessarily be a member to attend a meeting but if you want to contribute more and participate fully you would join said club.

I love these things. <3 Love you all too. Thanks for this cool new feature!

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