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URL redirect and migrations


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Hi all I am looking to migrate from xenforo to IPS.

I have been doing a test migration and notice an option for rewrite URLs to ensure old URLs go to the right address. Essentially ensureing I don't loose all my traffic from search. Firstly is this correct?


Secondly it rased some questions. I have my xenforo install at root and IPS at root/forums 

No when I do my actual migration I want to ensure URL rewrite properly but if I enable it does this them mean old URLs will rewrite to /forum? 

I ask this because what I plan to do is migrate the move IPS to the root so then would my URL re writes update or would they still try to go to /forum? 

I have over 300,000 topics so I want to ensure I don't loose traffic to old links etc. 

Any advice would be welcome. 


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