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Missing templates in dev?

Ryan Currie

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So, it appears I am missing a template when trying to view a container node:

BadMethodCallException: NO_TEMPLATE_FILE - /Users/ryan/Code/Sites/thegaminglist/applications/core/dev/html/front/trees/row.phtml (0)

This file does not exist in the developer sdk for (latest). Am I missing something?

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This is being generated automatically from a class that just extends:

class _categories extends \IPS\Node\Controller
	protected $nodeClass = 'IPS\gamelist\Category';


So I am unsure of why it is not adding the proper template paths. This is for a category based view for an app I am working on.

Nevermind, didn't read this little part:


When creating admin controllers designed to work with a particular node model (for example, the forum manager screen in the Forums app), IPS4 provides a special node controller you can extend to get a lot of automatic functionality, instead of building it yourself manually. 


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