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4.2 Ideas


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Here's a few small features I've been thinking about that should really be considered out of the box.

1) Redirect guests to login page when no permission is triggered instead of showing an error page.
2) Make 404 error inline instead of plain text.
3) Add the option to disable file versions per category in ip.downloads.
4) Add biggest contributor (Posts, Uploads and Engagements) option to leaderboard instead of just most liked content.
5) Add option to grant complementary time to nexus host accounts without having to adjust expiration date and excluding grace period. (If client is expired and has used their grace period an option to grant x amount of days without having to adjust the principle expiration date.)
6) Restore the prune orphaned content (Attachments, file uploads, profile photos, profile headers, etc..) or make it into a task.

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