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Editing in 4.1.19


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In previous versions, for as long as I've had 4.x installed, editing a post even immediately afterward (as an admin) would show me an "edited by" comment.

Only three of my groups can "edit silently" but that just means the checkbox appears to give an option to notate the edit.

Since upgrading to 4.1.19, no "edited by" content appears.

For example… https://thesandtrap.com/forums/topic/93148-two-strokes-for-ob-instead-of-strokedistance/?do=findComment&comment=1295143 was posted March 10, before 4.1.19. It was edited and has the "edit_name" and "edit_time" in the forums_posts table in the database. But IPS is not showing the edited by or time stamp.

Can others confirm this change (i.e. bug) in 4.1.19?

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