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Nexus Product Database questions...


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Trying to do a simple inventory management system by pulling my products out of Nexus into Excel via ODBC  and joining them with a spreadsheet that has my physical inventory locations. (Nexus has no way of adding a inventory location to a product record.) What I want is product title, description, qty, price and a unique ID (index)

The problem is with V4 the table structure is more complex and I can't find some needed fields. A product title is stored in core_sys_lang_words table, and all commerce titles have a "nexus_package_" prefix and the descriptions have a "_desc" suffix. (This are values in the column, not the column name.) The also have a index column called word_id with a value like "15451". What I can't find is the inventory quantity and price and how they get joined back to the core_sys_lang_words table. I'm assuming their is an intermediate table but haven't had any luck identifying. Can anyone help? 



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