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Hey!! I am having issues with my IP board.

When searching for my website name on google the first results are like member profiles, registration, and the homepage, like not relevant ones.
And the description is a text that a member have posted in my forum,- like what?

And the forum that is showed in the results- have the description of one of the most unactive subforums on my board, which makes no sense to me.

I also did a SEOcheckup and it says I have too many heading tags. How do i delete those? Please help I'll upgrate the thread as time goes too i think cause I experience bad SEO every time.

Take care guys and thanks in advance.

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I do my best to configure the meta fields for blocks, dbs, and pages.  I am starting to get improved discovery results from Google.  While not a direct answer to you specific issue, I hope it is helpful.  Once you get someone to click through to your site it will speak for itself.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful to your specific issue.


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