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A replied to A's Topic


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Feedback from my happy users:

Will you raise this with Invision as a request for "future enhancement"?


Very trivial, and a mild personal irritation rather than a true bug.  When content in a forum is listed, could the text


MemberA replied to MemberB's topic in ForumAreaC

be changed slightly?  I think 'contributed to', 'commented on' or 'posted about' are more accurate descriptions of whatever the latest addition to a thread might be.  Also, where MemberA is the same as MemberB the 'replied to' wording is decidedly strange!  If the software were really smart, it would recognise MemberA and MemberB as identical, and replace 'Member B's' with 'their', 'his' or 'her' as appropriate?

I'm not a pedant, as I don't match the exact definition of one.



I continually find "A replied to A" irritating, particularly when it can be seen that "A quoted B" and is therefore actually replying to B's post.

Please consider it duly raised! ^_^

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