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**PAID** Vote to pin plugin

David Thomson

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Plugin that allows members to 'vote to pin', which automatically pins the highest voted topics.  Admin control of number of pinned topics.  Not global, different for each forum.  Should display number of votes.
Preferably separate from existing 'pin' option.  So, admin can still pin important threads.  However, if this is a major hurdle, can consider workarounds e.g. admin can add very large number of votes to a topic.  Admin can change number of topics pinned in forum at any time.

So, i think that needs a template hook into topic view to add a similar ajax like button for "pinning" topic. With toggle pin/unpin status.

Code hook into the forums form to set how many of the most pinned topics will appear as pinned.

Also, within each topic a 'feature' option on comments, which counts and displays number of 'votes' to feature.  (additional to existing feature option).

Can pay for this.  Willing to pay extra to get it done quickly.  Please PM quotes.



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1 minute ago, newbie LAC said:

Something like this?


Not quite.  I have that plugin and have asked Tom if he would adapt it.
This pins a topic when a certain number of votes is reached.  I want it to count the number of votes each topic in a forum gets, and pin a number of topics (set by admin) that get the largest number of votes.

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