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Commerce reports and invoices help


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I have started using commerce and am struggling with either the lack of features, or me not being able to find the features I want. 

On wordpress with woo commerce I have an easy way to bulk print a single sheet per completed order that has shipping label at the top and a packing note/delivery note one bottom.  I can print all my days/weeks orders at once and it is very easy to manage.  

Even if I don't want to print them all at once I can still print individual orders from 1 screen.  

Additionally, when I get an email it includes a shipping address, so if i'm not at home I can still process orders easily and everything I need to know arrives in my email.  

Can all this be done with IPS Commerce? 

I'm also struggling with selling t-shirts.  I have a custom field for sizes that are not showing up when I print the invoices.  

Any tips/advice on this?


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