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Moving Forum Posts in to Pages Comments


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I'm looking for a way to take the replies in a discussion thread, and turn them in to comments on a Pages Record.  
Has anyone been able to achieve this or can offer a work-around?

We've built a really nice reviews system with Pages, and as we move that content from the forum in to Pages i'm looking for a way to also preserve the replies to those reviews by bringing them across.

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For anyone wondering about how to achieve this via a painstaking process....

1) We have submitted the review in to our Pages app, and approved it.
2) open SQL table forums_posts, search the topic_id of the forum discussion the original thread is.
3) open cms_custom_database_X and then edit the timestamps, taking the timestamp from the topic_id sql entry.
4) open cms_database_comments and copy across the relevant fields from forum_posts

Be nice if IPS could build in a way to move a forum discussion to a database record ;) 

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